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Huey, a Percheron/Andalusian cross, post bath and tail braid!

I've written articles for regional business blogs, community websites, and specialty magazines with a focus on animals, gardening, and home decor. Like these:



The World Equestrian Center magazine, April/May 2020 issue about the Ocala Horse Alliance:


A fun piece about the Grandview Clydesdales team: 


A Q&A style piece about Horse Farms Forever in Marion County:


An overview of funky thrift and consignment stores in Marion County:


A profile piece of a charming farmhouse in a new urban neighborhood in Ocala:


A blog post covering the OHA first Summit Meeting:


In the face of hurricane season, some tips for managing without power:


A service piece for a real estate firm on how to move your horse with minimal stress:


A blog piece about an animal charity fundraiser:


News piece about Grandview Clydesdales and AdventHealth teaming up:


A blog post for a real estate firm:


A blog post covering the Grandview Invitational Draft Horse Show


A holiday guide to shopping local, later revised for evergreen content: 


A service piece about closing down garden beds for the winter: